Phytosanitary study

Oralia morel  -  March 2012

Phytosanitary Study 
Exhaustive survey of a population of 600 trees in a private residenceThe statement includes:

  • The identification of plant
  • Its phytosanitary state
  • Suggested course of action

Date: Early 2012
Ecologist: Alain Divo
Customer: Oralia Morel



Corbeil-Essones City Council  -  February 2012

Project management contract: Renovation of the Square Roger
– Design of the project
– Call for tenders
– Works supervision
Budget of the study: 35 000 euros
Date of completion: end of 2012

Golf of Agde

April 2011

Engineering consultancy on the realization of a golf course. Technical assistance on the earthworks.

  • Volume Measurement
  • Creating Profiles
  • Cut / fill display
  • Stormwater Management

Date: 2011
Architect: Alain Prat
Software used: AutoCAD Civil 3D

Californian Farms

SCI l’érable  -  100000  -  February 2011

Development of an urban planning area: Project Management of the “California farms”.
Development in HEQ area with a zero maintenance objective.
Budget: 100 000 euros
Date of study: 2011
Client: L’Erable real estate investment company (SCI)

Villemomble (2011)

Villemomble City Council  -  February 2011

Computer graphics: Photo editing to be included in a presentation on public squares for a public of architects of historical monuments.

  • Realization of a 3D scale model
  • Photoshop


AAEV  -  February 2011

Private property: Computer Graphics Design

  • Creation of ambiance sketches
  • Texture maps

Sand of Brévannes

Les Sables de Brévannes  -  37000  -  February 2011

Quarry “Les Sables de Brévannes”
Engineering consultancy: Building a case study for modifications on a quarrying site. The file includes:

  • A general impact study
  • An environmental study
  • A noise impact study
  • A hydrogeological study

Cost: 37 000 euros VAT
Customer: Les Sables de BrévannesDate: 2011



UBI France  -  May 2010

Participation to the French International Week in Hanoï, organized by UBI France.


3F immobilière  -  May 2010

Renovation of the green areas and stormwater management in a commonhold property. 
Contract including steps from pilot study to works supervision: 10 000 euros.
Contracting authority: 3F Immobilière
Project Management: BGH

Composting station

February 2010
Creation of a waste processing area for the vegetal waste issued from the maintenance of the Charles-de-Gaulle airport (Roissy) green areas (pruning, mowing,…).
This area was conceived by M. Divo (ecologist and landscape designer) and implemented by Entreprise Robert (landscape design company).
Our role was to assist on project communications.


4200  -  February 2010

Study for the redevelopment of the square behind the City Hall of Rambouillet. 

  • Pre-construction services


Privé  -  1500  -  February 2010

Development study for an inner courtyard.


February 2010

Participation to the International competition of the Chaumont-sur-Loire gardens. 
Competition subject: “Gardens, body and soul”

Paul Cézanne

City Council of Colombes (France)  -  250000  -  May 2009

Paul Cezanne public garden

  • Design of a development project for the garden
  • Communication on the project

Commissioned by the City Council of Colombes (France)

Cost: 250,000 euros
Date: 2009

Versailles English Garden

May 2009

Our tasks : technical assistance during conception and realization ; computer-assisted surface study and plantation map ; landscape mapping including plantation spots and assisted path design. End of the work in 2009.

Tramway of Angers

February 2009

Assistance in realizing implementation plans for the turfing of the Angers tramway.
Plans made according to a very strict and precise graphic style guide accounting for all roads and utilities constraints (slopes, networks).

Golf of Marivaux

February 2009

Winner of the contest for the redevelopment of the Marivaux golf course access.


2500000  -  May 2008

Study for the implementation phase of the project including:

  • General stormwater management
  • Roads and utilities study regarding the car parks
  • Development project regarding the green areas

Budget for the works: 2 500 000 euros
Date: 2008


200000  -  February 2008

Louvre School, Paris : Site analysis, technical assistance (sectional drawing) for the company realizing the work. Budget around 200,000 euros ATI.


130000  -  February 2008

Private project in Roubaix.

  • Car park development preliminary design for a shopping centre

Date: early 2008
Budget: 130,000 euros VAT