Public green spaces


Corbeil-Essones City Council  -  February 2012

Project management contract: Renovation of the Square Roger
– Design of the project
– Call for tenders
– Works supervision
Budget of the study: 35 000 euros
Date of completion: end of 2012

Villemomble (2011)

Villemomble City Council  -  February 2011

Computer graphics: Photo editing to be included in a presentation on public squares for a public of architects of historical monuments.

  • Realization of a 3D scale model
  • Photoshop


3F immobilière  -  May 2010

Renovation of the green areas and stormwater management in a commonhold property. 
Contract including steps from pilot study to works supervision: 10 000 euros.
Contracting authority: 3F Immobilière
Project Management: BGH


4200  -  February 2010

Study for the redevelopment of the square behind the City Hall of Rambouillet. 

  • Pre-construction services

Paul Cézanne

City Council of Colombes (France)  -  250000  -  May 2009

Paul Cezanne public garden

  • Design of a development project for the garden
  • Communication on the project

Commissioned by the City Council of Colombes (France)

Cost: 250,000 euros
Date: 2009

Tramway of Angers

February 2009

Assistance in realizing implementation plans for the turfing of the Angers tramway.
Plans made according to a very strict and precise graphic style guide accounting for all roads and utilities constraints (slopes, networks).


130000  -  February 2008

Private project in Roubaix.

  • Car park development preliminary design for a shopping centre

Date: early 2008
Budget: 130,000 euros VAT


Town of Colombes  -  300000  -  February 2008

Project Management from Preliminary design to Acceptance testing for Colombes City Council
Sustainable garden on a car park slab.
Costs: 300 000 euros.
Date: 2008

Edgar Quinet (2008)

Colombes City Council  -  2000000  -  February 2008
Work coordination on the elements of the square. 
Amount of work : 2 000 000 euros
Architect : Serge Eyzat
Contractor : Colombes City Council


200000  -  February 2007
The Square Leseine is a public garden on a street corner.
Management of the project from Design to Acceptance testing. Contractor: Colombes City Council.
Cost: 200 000 euros.
Date: 2007


Ville de Fleury merogis  -  10000000  -  February 2007

Fleury-Mérogis City Council: Design project for urban gardens and roads and utilities.

Strong points : rainwater management, HEQ standards, car flow management.


Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture  -  380000  -  January 2007
Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture. Design and project management: Preliminary design, Detailed design, Production
Cost: 380 000 euros
Date: 2007

Japanese garden

70000  -  February 2006

Development of a street corner in Colombes

  • Design of a Zen garden

ADP (2006)

Aéroport de Paris  -  350000  -  February 2006

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) : Design project for the entrances to the Charles-de-Gaulle airport (Roissy)
Cost : 350 000 euros VAT
Designer : Alain Divo
Date : 2006