St Aignan

Anne-Frank  -  15000  -  February 2008

Modeling of a trellis for the Anne-Frank public garden in Paris.

Modeling is done before production in order to establish precise measurements needed for the components of the structure (lath lenght, curb of posts, etc).

Cost: 15 000 euros VAT
Date: 2008


Town of Colombes  -  300000  -  February 2008

Project Management from Preliminary design to Acceptance testing for Colombes City Council
Sustainable garden on a car park slab.
Costs: 300 000 euros.
Date: 2008

Edgar Quinet (2008)

Colombes City Council  -  2000000  -  February 2008
Work coordination on the elements of the square. 
Amount of work : 2 000 000 euros
Architect : Serge Eyzat
Contractor : Colombes City Council

Golf of Torcy

May 2007
Engineering mission on implementation phase
  • Implementation in all the station
  • Calculation of volume measurements
  • Rainwater management and flow simulation by computer

Software: Land Designer
Date: 2007
Architect: Alain Prat


200000  -  February 2007
The Square Leseine is a public garden on a street corner.
Management of the project from Design to Acceptance testing. Contractor: Colombes City Council.
Cost: 200 000 euros.
Date: 2007


Ville de Fleury merogis  -  10000000  -  February 2007

Fleury-Mérogis City Council: Design project for urban gardens and roads and utilities.

Strong points : rainwater management, HEQ standards, car flow management.

Normandie (2007)

Client  -  100000  -  February 2007

Private garden in Normandy, technical assistance contract:

  • Computer modeling
  • Construction layout surveying with robotic total station


Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture  -  380000  -  January 2007
Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture. Design and project management: Preliminary design, Detailed design, Production
Cost: 380 000 euros
Date: 2007

Center Parc

3000000  -  January 2007

Leisure Center : center parc d’ailette.


Orangery of Versailles

February 2006

Technical assistance to the company carrying out the work (Robert Paysage):
CADD Soil Modeling of the orangery (AutoCAD and Land designer) to optimize the cut / fill and stormwater management.

Trianon of Versailles

February 2006

Garden of the Great Trianon at Versailles
Cost: 2000000 VAT. Consultancy and implementation technical assistance.
Plantation management and paths implementation.

Japanese garden

70000  -  February 2006

Development of a street corner in Colombes

  • Design of a Zen garden

Slab garden

220000  -  February 2006

Jardin privé sur dalle à Paris : Mission de communication de projet en 2006 et d’assistance aux pièces techniques.

Montant des travaux : 220 000 euros TTC

ADP (2006)

Aéroport de Paris  -  350000  -  February 2006

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) : Design project for the entrances to the Charles-de-Gaulle airport (Roissy)
Cost : 350 000 euros VAT
Designer : Alain Divo
Date : 2006

Golf of Marrakech

February 2005
Project Management Assistance for the 3D modeling of earthworks, calculating volumetrics, profiles and sections of channel.
For this golf course, we have adjusted the “project” spot heights to find the best cut/fill balance with the help of 3D terrain modeling and calculation simulations.
The resulting landscape offered less than 5% variation from the calculations.
Architect : Alain Prat