Bojardin - Movies Production

Movies Production

Objective : Making a movie from the sky of a landscape or city. A video montage can be done with song and pictures inserts. Documents provided : USB stick or DVD

3d topographic map - Bojardin - 3d topographic map

3d topographic map

Objective : make a surveyor working very quickly with the aim of calculating volumes of earth to move, create profiles, analyze the slopes of the existing (and proposed), modeling storm basins, simulate flood … Documents provided : DWG, DXF or DEM and paper plan. The shooting is rasterized and can be used in GIS (Geographic… Read more »

Mapping - Bojardin - Mapping


Documents provided : DWG or DXF file, map on paper. The shooting is rasterized and can also be used in GIS (Geographic Information System).

Orthophotograph creation - Bojardin - Orthophotograph creation

Orthophotograph creation

Objective: Take aerial pictures geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”), perpendicular to the ground and geo-referenced for use as maps. They can be inserted into a GIS used for PLU, an impact study … Documents provided: raw image folder or file from a blended picture

Aerial Pictures - Bojardin - Aerial Pictures

Aerial Pictures

Objective : Take aerial pictures (monuments, building, natural spaces, construction fields …) Documents provided: jpg image (or other format) on USB key